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To a playwright's child(ren)

This is a post for my daughter and my unborn son... and for any other spawn that emerge in one way or another.

Kids, when you're both old enough to read this, we might be sitting around a fire somewhere remote talking with some local people about their favorite memories growing up, or perhaps we'll be cruising at 30,000 feet on the way to a disappearing island, hoping to capture some glimmer of life and culture before it is swallowed by the sea, or maybe we'll simply be in one place for a prolonged period of time chatting about what kinds of things interest you. From where I'm currently sitting- Babushka's kitchen in St. Petersburg, what I can say for sure is that your mother and I have our very unique definition of what is 'normal'.

See, we have artistic aspirations.  We've already written and produced a play in China and had a reading of it in New York. We're currently working on this 40 Days of Night project, and that's something that's at least going to take a few years up of our time to make it what we want it to be.  I'm working on a few new plays in addition to this, while applying for grants and looking for more... while catching up on my reading for my online degree... while tutoring young Chinese kids over the internet... while we try to figure out where we're going to live next and what kind of jobs we'll have.

Crystal- as of this writing, you've already taken nearly 40 airplane rides.  You've played with kids in China, Vietnam, Thailand, the United States and Russia, and you were inside Mom's belly when she and I were swimming with whale sharks in The Philippines.

R- as of this writing, you're moving and squirming and kicking and punching Mom just a little more everyday.  You can hear when we talk to you and you can see light when we shine it on her belly.  You and your big sister are going to speak (at least) two languages.

We're trying really hard for you, and we know that sometimes things may get a little bumpy, but we both want you to know that everything we're doing we're doing because we love you and we want to give you thrilling and adventurous lives that will allow you to see people for who they are.

So keep tooting that harmonica and building those blocks, and Mom and Dad will take care of the rest.

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